Family on a Bike goes Eco-Touring
A Family on a Bike Tour 2006

Family sets out on home-made Cumbrian eco-tour

The Family Adventure Project is about to go greener. This Easter Family On a Bike will tour The Lake District by tandem, bicycle and trailer, meeting people who are leading the way in environmental tourism and good practice in the region. Staying in low impact accommodation, visiting organisations who promote a greener way of living, and learning how a family of five can live more sustainably; the Family Adventure Project aims to think global by staying local.

To minimise our holiday footprints, we're going to:
- Stay local; that means no long distance drives, flights, trains, buses or ferries.
- Travel and tour using only our bicycles or public transport.
- Stay in 'environmentally approved' accomodation, guest houses, camp sites, eco-lodges.
- Spend our money so it stays in local communities, patronising local businesses.
- Eat local produce, drink local beer, dine in green restaurants, café's and eco centres.

Our aims are simple:
- To meet people who are active and passionate about living more greenly.
- To learn more about the environment we live in and the pressures on it.
- Discover more about eco-tourism in the Lake District.
- To find out what local authorities are doing to encourage eco-tourism and lower impact living
- To get ideas and inspiration to help us reduce our own eco-footprint when we return home.
- To share our experience through our blog and website

As we tour the area by bike, we hope to call in on:
- Local organic farms
- Sites of special environmental interest or natural beauty
- Conservation projects
- Visitor attractions with a strong eco-themes
- Wind farms, hydro schemes and nuclear power plants
- Families or communities using locally generated solar, wind, hydro or other renewable power
- Families and community projects committed to reducing the impact of their lifestyles
- Small businesses commited to ecologically sensitive business

You can view our route map and itinerary here. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for places to stay, people to visit, or things to do or try. You can contact us via email:   ....or stop us if you see us, we'll be hard to miss; two adults, a tandem, a bike, two trailers and three children; The Family on a Bike.




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