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The Happy Half and The Unhappy Half

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From:       Matthew and Cameron
Subject:   The Happy Half and The Unhappy Half
  Date:         21st December 2004
     Fairlie, MacKenzie District, New Zealand


After six weeks travelling we thought it was time for a review of the trip so far, so we asked Matthew and Cameron to tell us about the Happy Half (thumbs up) and the Unhappy Half (thumbs down) of the big trip so far. And here's what they had to say, unedited, unabridged and in the order it all came out.

The happy half

Matthew says:

- Playgrounds
- Matthew
- Puppy The Wuppy
- Snoopy
- My little dolly
- I really liked seeing Mount Cook
- Luge
- I like short times in the buggy
- My magnetic drawing board
- Squawker farts (Dad doesn't like those)

- Staying in a cabin or house or something is nice   cos we don't get rain on our tent
- Sweeties and sweety shops
- All places that have playgrounds
- The big playground
- Puppy's not left in Mount Cook, that's good
- All my toys in my rucksack
- Bunk beds
- Glow worm caves 


Cameron says:

- Cameron
- My Snoop
- My squeaky
- Pup
- The yellow playground
- Mount Cook, Lamby's there
- New Zealand
- Bicycles, our bicycles
- The Happy Half
- Mum

- You Dad
- Me and you and mummy and Matthew

The unhappy half

Matthew says:

- Rain on this big trip
- When Cameron is being naughty
- When I'm being naughty I don't really like myself doing that
- I don't like being in the buggy for too long
- I don't like Puppy being naughty when I sit and he lies down
- Injections
- Camping in the rain
- Places that don;t have playgrounds


Cameron says:

- The happy half
- No puddings





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