Pedalling Pilgrims - Camino de Santiago
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2008 Pedalling Pilgrims Tour
The Camino de Santiago

Our 2008 tour was a classic journey to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain

Looking to make 2008 a summer of spirited adventure, we turned ourselves into a family of Pedalling Pilgrims for a six week journey along the Camino Frances, one of the ancient Pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.  Travelling with three children, on two tandems with trailers, our 1400km journey, from Bilbao to the Pyrenees to Santiago and then Finisterre, took us across an extraordinary slice of rural Spain, across mountains and meseta, through hamlets, villages, towns and cities on a journey with a history stretching back over a thousand years.

From this page you can get a virtual taste of this unique family adventure from the comfort of your computer, learn a little about the history and traditions of pilgrimage and find out what it’s like to travel as a modern pedalling pilgrim family. If you'd like us to come and talk to a group about our experience then do contact us . We've an entertaining talk and slideshow ready to go. You can listen to it below.


Our route took us along the Camino Frances, from Roncesvalle to Santiago, then beyond to Finisterre.
We started in Santander, rode to the start then took a van from Finisterre back to Blbao for a ferry home.

We blogged and tweeted on the road so if you’d like to join in our virtual journey, why not take a look at our tweets and blogs. You can find us on Twitter, subscribe to our blog or hook up with us on Facebook.

From this page you can read more about our journey from the blog postings we wrote as we rode across Central Europe on this pedal powered musical extravaganza.

You can also view our route, look at some of the video we shot, see some pictures from the tour or even buy resources so you can do a similar tour yourself.


See and explore our route on Google Maps

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Let us inspire you with a talk about this trip

Like us to come talk with you about our adventures?
Download an outline of our talks here. Then contact us to set something up.

Listen to our Pedalling Pilgrims Talk as given to the Kirkby Lonsdale Institute in Yahoo Media Player
Or click here to launch the mp3 (60mB) of the talk in your own media player.

Our stories from the tour
(from our blog)

Pedalling Pilgrims - 22 May 2008, Home
Looking forward to the after (normal) life - 1 July 2008, Home
Worlds Apart - 4 July 2008, Manchester

Setting off
On the Road - 15 July 2008, Portsmouth
Without a Car - 17 July 2008, Ferry to Bilbao
Pilgrim's Progress - 19 July 2008, Mundaka
Coming up Trumps - 20 July 2008, Lekeitio
Having a nice holiday - 21 July 2008, Lekeitio
Need to Speed - 22 July 2008, Karautz
In the spotlight - 22 Jul 2008, Bay of Biscay
Feeling the heat - 23 July 2008, San Sebastien
Adios Espana, Bonjour La France -24 July 2008, French/Spanish border
You can have your cake and eat it - 25 July 2008, nr Biarrtiz

Starting the Camino Frances
Stoked with coke - 26 July 2008, St Jean Pied de Port
What do you look like? 27 July 2008
To be a pilgrim, 27 July 2008, St Jean Pied de Port
The big one, 28 July 2008, Col du Ibaneta
The inner and the outer journeys - 28 July 2008, Col du Ibaneta
Heavenwards - 28 July, Col du Ibaneta
Heaven can wait - 28 July, Col du Ibaneta
Surprise, surprise, 29 July, Col du Ibaneta
Cheated into Cheetos, 29 July 2008, Lararrossoa
Roadside Cafe - 31 July 2008

The road to Burgos
Road rage, 31 July 2008
La Fuente de Vino, 1st August 2008
The miracle of the wine - 1st August 2008
Pilgrims in parallel worlds - 1st August 2008
Up and down in the Kingdom of Navarre - 2nd August 2008
Pilgrim Pooding - 3rd August 2008
Under the stars - 4 August 2008
Living for the moment - 5 August 2008
Ten before ten - 5 August 2008

Crossing the Meseta - Burgos to Leon
Going wild - 7 August 2008
Lost passports - 8 August 2008
A real tonic - 9 August 2008
The Pilgrim Motorway - 10 August 2008
No matter what the weather - 12 August 2008

The road to Santiago
At home in the albergue - 12 August 2008, Hospital de Orbega
Facial hair - 13 August 2008
The essence of the Camino - 13 August 2008
Monotony is not a place - 14 August 2008, Meseta
Set in stone - 15 August 2008, Astorga
La Vieja - 16 August 2008, The Camino
To greet or not to greet - 17 August 2008
Monday Morning - 18 August 2008, O Cebreiro
Ponchos in the mist - 18 August 2008, O Cebreiro
Pilgrim Paparazzi - 20 August 2008
Pulpo fiction - 20 August 2008, Melida
Chinese whispers - 21 August 2008, The Camino
Paper pilgrims - 21 August 2008, Arzua

Santiago de Compostela
Just one more hill - 22 August 2008
Mon joie - 22 August 2008, Santiago
Moments of arrival - 22 August 2008, Santiago de Compostela
Just another church - 23 August 2008, Santiago de Compostela
The closing ceremony - 23 August 2008, Santiago de Compostela
Endings and beginnings, 24 August 2008, Santiago de Compostela

The journey after the journey
30 days and 30 nights - 24 August 2008, Cee
Burnt offerings - 25 August 2008, Finisterre
The end of the Camino is nigh - 25 August 2008, Finisterre
Van holiday - 27 August, en route to Bilbao
Final endings, 28 August, Bilbao


View some videos of this trip from our YouTube Channel


Take a look at some pictures on PicasaWeb



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