Family on a Bike goes Eco-Touring
A Family on a Bike Tour 2006

Our Human Powered "Dra åt Skogen" Tour 2006

After almost freezing to death on our Easter 2006 Cumbrian Eco-Tour, then nearly overheating in the record breaking heat of July at home,
we decided to spend August 2006 experiencing global warming in one of our clean, green Scandanavian neighbours.

Welcome to the home page for our August 2006 Human Powered 'Dra åt Skogen!' tour of Western Sweden.

Two adults, one bike, one tandem, two trailers, two canoes, two children, a baby and a blow up shark...
...pedalling and paddling, huffing and puffing their way around Western Sweden.
750 km by bike, 37km by canoe, 24km by inspection trolley

'Dra åt Skogen!' is a Swedish idiom which translated literally means 'Be off to the forest.' It's used when you want to tell someone politely to leave you alone. When I explained this to the kids while trying to get some peace so I could plan our summer tour, they thought it was just the funniest thing. And so the tour became known as our 'Dra åt Skogen!' tour and it turned out to be quite aptly named.

It's impossible to tour the West of Sweden without encountering forest. In thirty days on the road we sampled the fruits of the forests of Bohuslan, Dalsland and Vastgoterland on a human powered adventure that had us pedalling and paddling in a 750km circle that started and ended at the ferry terminal in Gothenburg. Aside from the ferry we powered ourselves the whole way; no flights, buses, trains, trams, cars or carbon emissions. Just bikes, boots, boats and a strange day on an inspection trolley.

On the pages here we hope to share with you a little of our adventure so that you too might get a feel for what it means to be off to the forest and perhaps come to understand as we do the Swedish passion for herring, nature camping, saunas, trolls, canoes and jetty jumping.

From the menu below you can view our inspirational image gallery, read more about our tour itinerary, or browse some of our writing about the places we went, people we met or reflections on life, the universe and nothing in particular. We hope you enjoy it.



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Tour image gallery
The tour idea and route map
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