Family on a Bike goes Eco-Touring
A Family on a Bike Tour 2006

Our Human Powered "Dar åt Skogen" Tour

The idea: a month long human powered circular tour of the West of Sweden getting a full body workout by pedaling and paddling around the provinces of Bohuslan, Dalsland, and Vastgoterland.

The route: starting in Gothenburg, following the Cycelsparet Bohuslan north taking in the islands, beaches and bays of Bohuslan, then heading inland to visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites at Tanumshede before heading to Bengstfors in the heart of Dalsland, the Swedish Lake District. Then a 24km ride on an inspection trolley to set us up for a four day, 40km canoe trip exploring Vastra Silen, Ostra Silen and Svardlang. Finishing off with a ride down the Dalsland Kanal all the way to where we started, some 750 km later.

The riding: on average a modest 30km per day. Experience suggests that's between two and three hours leisurely riding on heavily laden bikes with trailers. And we'll do this in two or three stages with breaks in between for picnics, saunas and jetty jumping.

Accommodation: using a wide range of accommodation including campsites, cabins, vandrahems (youth hostels), and the ocassional hotel, and of course exercising the Swedish right of allmenstraten. .

Eating: mostly picnicing to keep costs down, patronising kiosks for the necessary ice creams with the occassional cake and coffee in a local cafe of coffee shop.

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