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Coaching Services
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Looking for more than inspiration? Want some help making your family adventure happen? We can help. We've years of experience adventuring as a family and are in touch with active family adventurers and adventure activity providers around the globe.

There's a lot to do to get a big dream off the ground; we can help with developing dreams, choosing destinations, planning itineraries, acquiring skills, budgeting and financing, schooling and career considerations, equipment and technology decisions, and ideas to help you get the most from the whole experience. We also know about the barriers, the difficulties, the problems and logistics and can help you find ways through them.

When you work with us, our sole aim is to help you get your adventure off the ground with information, advice, encouragement and support that gives you skills and know-how you can use now and in the future to create, realise and enjoy your own exciting family adventures.

So don't struggle alone. if you have a dream you want to come true, get in touch and let us help. We're so sure we can help we will refund your money if you are not satisfied with the service we provide.

Family adventures come in all shapes and sizes from a weekend vacation to a family gap year or more and the investment in them varies from a few hundred pounds to many tens of thousands. Likewise we offer bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels of service to suit different needs, preferences and budgets.

Summary of our coaching services
Service level Details
Introductory email exchange
Your first contact is always for free.
Email coaching support
You decide
As you need it, regular email coaching for 3 months. Pricing assumes 2 significant email threads per month.
Telephone coaching support
You decide
Pricing includes up to three hours of telephone coaching, at mutually agreeable times. Our call costs to UK landlines included. Call charges to other numbers subject to agreement.
Face to face coaching support
You decide
Pricing includes up to three hours of face to face coaching, at mutually agreeble times & places in South Cumbria, UK. Other locations but may incur additional costs for travel expenses. Please call to discuss.
3 months
3 months
3 months
You decide
Our standard support is for three months. Other durations by agreement.
Call to discuss

Fees payable in advance by credit card, direct bank transfer, PayPal or personal cheque. Other currency options by arrangement. Fees refunded if not entirely satisfied with the service.

Contact us now to get started

Free introductory coaching

Need just a little help, advice or inspiration? Email us and your first contact is for free.

Bronze coaching service - 'email only'

Looking for more in-depth help, advice, information or support? Happy to work with us via email? Our Bronze coaching service offers regular, as you need it email coaching support for three months. Email us your questions, queries or concerns and we'll email back a response, within seven days. For a one-off fee of 200.

Terms: While there is no restriction on the number of email exchanges during the three month period, the service is priced assuming up to two significant email exchanges with you per month. We reserve the right to charge additional fees for higher volumes or particularly complex enquiries and will agree this with you in advance.

Silver coaching service - 'telephone plus email'

Prefer to talk things through? Our silver coaching service offers up to three hours of telephone contact with us over a three month period plus everything included in our Bronze service. The mix of coaching by phone together with email contact offers a more flexible and personal way to get the help you need. All for a one off fee of 400.

Terms: While there is no restriction on the number of phone calls during the three month period, the service is priced assuming we conduct three one hour coaching calls with you in that period, at mutually agreeable times. We pay for the cost of calls we make to you at any UK landline; you pay for the cost of any calls you make to us. We reserve the right to charge for call charges we incur to other numbers and will agree this with you in advance. Terms of email contact are as per the bronze service.

Gold coaching service - 'face to face, telephone and email'

Prefer to meet face-to-face and work things through? Like to see who you're dealing with? Our gold coaching service offers a personal, dynamic and powerful mix of face to face, phone and email support that gives you three ways to get the help you need when you need it. Our gold service includes up to three hours face-to-face coaching at mutually agreed times and places plus everything included in our silver package. For a one off fee of just 60, assuming meetings take place locally to us.

Terms: The service is priced assuming face-to-face meetings take place locally to us in South Cumbria, United Kingdom. We're equally happy to come to you or meet somewhere else but reserve the right to charge additional expenses for this and will agree this with you in advance. Terms of telephone contact are as per the silver service and email contact as per the bronze service.

Platinum coaching service

If you'd prefer to put your own package of coaching support together, using any mix of email, phone and face to face support then give us a call to discuss what you're looking for and we can price a package up for you.


Your coaches

Coaching support is delivered personally by Stuart Wickes and Kirstie Pelling, Directors of The Family Adventure Project. Between us we have years of personal experience of adventuring together as a family and wide ranging professional experience in fields as diverse as journalism, TV and radio production, engineering, management training, outdoor development, training consultancy and coaching.

We work together to bring different perspectives, skills and experience to our coaching services to provide the support you tell us you need. We can structure things so you work with one or both of us and are happy to work with individuals, couples or family groups.

What others have said

» "Thanks for your reply. It has inspired me to do it instead of dreaming of doing it. I can do it! I'm really motivated and now I know that I can."

» "We really enjoyed meeting you and hearing how a family adventure really works!"

» "Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a brilliant, inspiring and motivational website. We are hoping to go travelling with our three children and then discovered I was pregnant with a fourth. I feared our travelling would go on hold but thanks to you realise that if anything it will add to the richness of our adventures. Thank you."

» "It was a real inspiration to meet you both. Hearing tales like yours acts as a great motivator & reinforces the reasons for doing what I am doing. I was so grateful for your advice on South America. You're an inspiration to many and I hope my kids, if I'm fortunate enough to have any, will now be the outdoor adventurous type. I will defo come for some advice if so!"

» "Bravo to you all for living out your dreams!!! And just wanted to tell you that you inspire me to go for my adventurous dreams too. Look forward to hearing from you again soon."

Can we help you?

If you would like to work with us please email or contact us.




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