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Feature and Copy Writing Services

We research and write stories, features, columns and copy for publication in print or online, complete with images if required. We have written for publications such as Wilderness, Cycle, Practical Parenting, The Sunday Times, The Times, Adventure Cyclist, Cumbria Life and The Lady. You can read some samples of our work online here. Or for a fuller idea of our feature writing capabilities take a look at our ebook.

If you would like us to work with or for you, you can find out more about our writing services here. We welcome all enquiries so please email or contact us for more details, or send us details of your requirement and we will let you know what we can do. Fees are negotiable according to the nature of the assignment.

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  Six families in search of adventure   Cumbria's Invisible Green

There are hundreds of families around the world adventuring together. Read profiles of six different families around the world who adventure together in different ways and for different reasons. Get a sense of what's possible and why people do it.
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Kirstie Pelling set out with her family on a 300 mile eco-tour of the county to discover just how green Cumbria really is. But of course no self respecting eco-tourist could possibly travel by car . . . so they did it by bike. Feature by Kirstie Pelling, published in Cumbria Life, April 2006
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Writing on the road doesn't have to mean internet cafes with sticky keyboards. Taking your laptop can add a whole new dimension to your travels as Kirstie Pelling discovered when she found herself travelling with a laptop she thought she didn't want.
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