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Thanks and acknowledgements

We' d like to acknowledge the help, support and advice given by the following individuals and organisations. Your help has kept us on the road. Thank you.

Burley - and their New Zealand distributors for organising replacement covers for our Burley trailers and for their generous support in providing a Burley Rock n Roll tandem for our tours. More here.

Mountain Safety Research - for organising a replacement MSR Dragonfly stove and their excellent warranty service on their Thermarest products.

Fiordland Ecology Holidays - for help, advice and practical assistance on the road in New Zealand

Old Man Mountain - for providing replacing parts to keep our racks servicable


Sponsorship opportunities

We're always interested in exploring partnering and sponsorship opportunities with individuals and organisations with a demonstrable and active interest in families, adventure and the environment.

Potential marketing opportunities/sponsorship benefits for selected partners include:
* acknowledgements in press features, articles in travel, adventure and outdoor magazines
* on the road promotion during our expeditions
* acknowledgements in radio, TV and online media coverage arising as a result of the project
* acknowledgements, statements of support and links on this project web site

We are also willing to consider other promotional activities you may suggest.

We're looking for support for research activities, web-design and hosting, travel and accomodation, expedition equipment, communications, publishing.

If you are interested in partnering with us then please get in touch.
You can reach us at


The Family Adventure Project website is a niche site which attracts targetted traffic. We are pleased to be able to offer advertising opportunities to those interested in reach active and adventurous families.

There are several different ways in which you can advertise with The Family Adventure Project:
* we participate in the Google Ads scheme
* we offer specific page based sponsorship for targetted advertising placement
* we can offer feature style advertorials
* we can offer affiliate style links

We are also willing to consider other promotional activities you may suggest. If you are interested in advertising with us or working with us to promote your product or service to the family adventure market, please get in touch.
You can reach us at


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