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Feature and Copy Writing Services

We research and write stories, features, columns and copy for publication in print or online, complete with images if required. We are pleased to be able to licence original content from The Family Adventure Project website or produce original content for you working to your brief. Fees are negotiable.

Content can include both text and digital images and may be purchased for use:
» in print, for books, brochures, magazines, educational or other marketing materials
» online, for websites

We can deliver:
» Full length feature articles
» Inspirational stories
» Brochure copy
» Regular columns
» Blogs
» News items
» Press releases
» Profiles of people, places, tours, attractions, projects "
» Research
» Equipment reviews

You can read some samples of our work here.

Licensing of existing original content

If you have already seen copy on our website you would like to use in your publications then we can draw up a licence to allow you to use it straight away. Licence fees depend upon the number of words of copy, number of images involved and the rights required. Licences can be offered:
» on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis;
» for a fixed period or in perpetuity;
» for restricted geographical use or for use worldwide;
» for use in print, online or both.

You can place the copy and images we provide in your own house style, may use and edit them in accordance with the terms of our licence agreement, and must acknowledge the original source as The Family Adventure Project.

When we licence you to use our content, copyright for both text and images remains with The Family Adventure Project and the original copy and images remain on The Family Adventure Project website. Depending on the terms of the licence you purchase the same content may also appear elsewhere.

Production of original content

We also take commissions to produce original copy and digital images exclusively for your use.

We can produce pieces which draw upon our own research and experiences and also take on projects to research and write about equipment, destinations, activities, families, people, attractions, tour operators, and other issues to do with active family travel or environmentally sensitive travel. We are always happy to discuss your requirement or suggest ideas for copy to meet your needs.

When producing original copy for you we work to your brief which should outline:
» the focus and style of the piece required;
» intended readership;
» number of words and images required;
» any house style requirements;
» delivery format requirements;
» review and delivery deadlines.

Copyright and licensing issues are dealt with on a case by case basis according to your needs and the potential to use the work elsewhere. We can structure agreements so that either:
» you buy the copyright and exclusive rights to use and exploit it in perpetuity;
» we retain the copyright and sell you a licence to use it in particular ways.

Fees are negotiated on a per project basis and depend upon the brief, amount of research work involved, number of words of copy, number of images involved and how the rights and licencing issues are handled. Licences can be structured in much the same way as for licenced work, described above.


All fees are established on a per project basis and are subject to negotiation.

Writing assignments are charged for on either a per word basis or a per assignment fee based upon an hourly rate and agreed deliverables.

Images are charged for on a per image rate depending upon use and resolution, or on a per assignment fee based upon an hourly rate for special commissions.

Text and image packages can be negotiated for feature pieces or other projects requiring a mix of words and pictures.

You can get an indication of current fees by downloading the Word version of this page.

Can we help?

If you would like us to work with or for you, please email or contact us for an initial discussion, or send us details of your requirement and we will let you know what we can do and our current pricing. Do get in touch. We can usually work out a deal to suit most budgets.



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