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We think independent family adventure is a relatively unresearched phenomena. While we know researchers have studied the processes and outcomes of more formal forms of adventure education, our sense is there is currently little published work that looks at adventure experiences that occur informally and naturalistically within family groups. We may be wrong; our review of the field is at an early stage. If you know of any published or unpublished work that might be relevant to us, please do let us know.

In this initial stage of the project we're reaching out to make contact with families around the world who adventure together. See here for more details. We're gradually building a network of contacts that we hope to engage collaboratively in processes of formal and informal research.

Our research aim is to illuminate the why's and wherefore's of independent family adventure. We want to share what we learn about how adventure experiences occur within family settings, and the impact they have on individuals and family groups. We hope this will contribute to the body of knowledge about outdoor and adventure education.

Our initial research activities are focused on:

  • gathering real-life stories about experiences of family adventure from families actively engaged in it
  • an on-line survey to discover more about people's experience of and views on family adventure
  • getting familiar with relevant literature

How can you help?

  • If you're interested in participating in our research send us your details and we'll get in touch.
  • If you've got experience of family adventure, then why not tell us about it through our online survey.
  • If you have an active interest in this or similar fields, let us know.
  • We welcome recommendations on books, articles, papers, or journals that may be relevant.
  • We welcome help and advice about possible sources of funding. This project is an independent family (ad)venture in itself. It is self-managed and self-funded, or rather not funded.... yet!

More information about The Family Adventure Project research work will appear here in due course.


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