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Need a little help, information or advice?

There are lots of forums and other places on the net which are useful when you have questions that need answers, are looking for information, help, advice, ideas or inspiration for your family adventures. Forums can also be a useful way to network and make contact with others around the globe who may be able to help you out in some way on the road. We've put together this page of links to help you find some of the forums we've found useful. We welcome suggestions for other sites to list here. Please report any broken links.

Family Travel Websites

Forums & Communities Adventure

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Family Travel Sites
Sites offering advice, guidance and tips on travelling with children

Travelling Internationally With Your Kids
Travel With Your Kids.com is a website put together by active travelling parents to share advice, tips and hard won lessons on, well, how to travel internationally with your kids. These guys have 15 years plus experience of travelling and living abroad with kids and have plenty of ideas on how to make it work for you and for your children, including some destination specific ideas.
Take the Family
Take the Family is web site which as well as offering exciting hand picked family holidays, also features lots of practical information on travelling with kids, written by "people who've been there, done that and washed the vomit stained t-shirt with the tiny bar of soap in the hotel bathroom sink. If you want help on how to change a nappy in a cramped toilet at 34,000 feet or deal with a toddler puking in a taxi you might find what you're looking for here.
Families on the Road
Families on the Road is a site with lots of information, advice and useful links for families into life in an RV. While not exactly the most environmentally friendly means of transport, an RV is eminently practical as a house on wheels. So whether you are on the road fulltime, on an extended road trip, or are just dreaming about it, you'll find lots of practical and inspirational stuff here about choosing RV's, keeping in touch, educating on the road and there's links to sites and blogs of families who are out there doing it.
Kids in Tow Kids in Tow is a site aimed at families who who wish to do something new, different, educational or adventurous with their family holiday. The site features online guides to a wide range of different kinds of active family holidays, with information on what's involved, age restrictions, and any specialist equipment required. There's also directory information on companies offering each kind of family holiday experience. A great reference resource.
Delicious Baby
Delicious Baby is for parents who want to travel with their children, but don't know how to start or who already travel with their kids and want to learn how to make travel easier and more fun. There's lots of interest here - travel stories, tips and advice, news and information for traveling families, destination guides and forums for asking questions and sharing hard won lessons. And a personal blog by Debbie Dubrow, the mother of the two delicious kids who inspire the whole thing. Simply delicious.
Family Travel Forum
The Family Travel Forum say 'Have Kids, Still Travel' and through their site offer destination research, reviews of resorts, destinations and attractions. There are lots of ideas for family travel and a section on activities and adventure, all searchable through a clickable map. Useful for general family travel inspiration and ideas and an active Family Travel Boards forum.
Family Travel Network
The Family Travel Network is a long established (1995) and comprehensive website devoted exclusively to family travel. They don't sell travel so offer unbiased, independent opinions on what's out there. With magazine style features, information, tips and resources for parents, grandparents, kids and travel professionals, there's plenty to look through here. And coverage of everything from family vacations to more adventurous packages and independent travel.
Room for 5
If you've ever baulked at paying for two hotel rooms when you think you can fit your family in one then you'll love roomfor5.co.uk, a site that aims to make it easier to find hotels with rooms that accommodate more than the average family of 4. Room for 5 also pr omote accommodation for families of 6, 7 or more. .
SIxSuitcaseTravel.com helps families of five and six, and sometimes up to eight, find hotel rooms, travel, and activites that accommodate REAL traveling families. They've researched over 3000 US cities and have over 2500 family hotel and suite listings that can accommodate six in over 1100 cities so can save you a lot of legwork.

Sites with forums where you can get your questions answered

Family Oriented Forums

Take the Family
Talk the Family is the forum of the Take the Family web site. It's a developing forum with a growing number of active members, topics and threads and firmly focused on family travel issues.
Family Travel Forum
Family Travel Boards is the forum of The Family Travel Forum, a forum focused firmly on family travel issues, including some destination specific threads and others for discussing family travel with infants, teens, as single parents and with pets.
Travelling With Kids forum is an internet forum hosted by Dea Birkett, Guardian Family Travel Columnist and author. In her own words, "I thought it would be a good idea to have families talk directly to each other - exchanging tips, experiences and advice." And the Travelling with Kids Forum, is one place where you can do just that.

Activity related forums

Cyclists Touring Club forum is part of the CTC, the UK's largest group of people on bikes, a national organisation campaigning and promoting cycling in all its forms. Members share information on everything cycling in the online forums including an active section on touring and expeditioning.

Bike Forums
BikeForums.net is a very well subscribed (over 100,000 members) and active cycling forum where you can probably get an answer to absolutely anything cycling.. be it gear, routes, mechanics. There's an active family and recreational section and plenty of members willing to share tips, advice and experience.

General travel forums

Lonely Planet Thorn Tree is the Lonely Planet's active travel forum. It's very broad ranging, with easily navigable topics and threads relating to specific destinations, activities, travelling with kids, living and working abroad, gap year and rtw travel, health, travel on a shoestring, experimental travel, and places to meet other travellers. There's a good chance whatever you need you may be able to get it here.  

Adventure Activities
Sites offering information and advice on specific adventure activities

Cyclists Touring Club is the UK's largest group of people on bikes, a national organisation campaigning and promoting cycling, aiming to make it enjoyable, safe and welcoming for all. Members share information on everything cycling through online forums and the club has an extensive database with fact sheets packed full of information, route ideas and contacts on cycle touring in most countries around the world. A regional network of local groups organise and lead day rides complemented by nationally organised events and a programme of member led cycling holidays. Also publish an excellent book on family cycling.

Adventure Cycling Association is a USA based organisation with a mission to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle. They promoting adventurous cycle touring and have researched and mapped a growing collection of inspirational long distance routes in North America. They publish Adventure Cyclist magazine and the Cyclists Yellow Pages. And have a ride registry with details of rides members have completed, with contact details if you want to get more info; an inspirational resource.

Adventure Directories
Sites listing adventure operators, guides, outfitters and all things adventure

Adventure Sports Online is an internet resource for outside adventure. WIth easy navigation to find gear, outfitters, adventure travel companies, clubs, events, fitness and skill tips, buying guides, links to outdoor resources, "how to" and equipment information and much, more. They stay open as long as the outdoors does! Also an interest group for companies specialising in family trips.














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