Journey to the End of The World
The Family on a Bike Honeymoon Tour: From the Equator to the End of the World by Bike 1999/2000

Before the Family on a Bike became a family we were often on our bikes exploring the world. In 1999, after some 13 years together, we finally decided to get married and start a family.
To celebrate the occasion , mark the start of our new old partnership and herald in the New Millenium, we took off in September that year on a six month cycling journey from the Equator to the End of the World.

From the Equator

Through the wildnerness
To the End of The World

We figured it would be a glorious way to start our married life, testing it to the limits, and would probably be good to have one last adventurous blast before we got in the family way and life changed for ever. Many strange things happened on the way and here you can read some of our despatches from the road. Composed on a bike, typed on sticky internet cafe keyboards, then mailed at the speed of light back into the world we left behind.

Our email stories from the road

21st September 1999: The Spice Muchacha's
1st October 1999: An Explosive Situation
21st October 1999: There's Bandits in Them There Hills
7th November 1999: Changing Faces, Changing Places
30th November 1999: Losing It
23rd December 1999: Into the Crowded Wilderness
Sometime in January 2000: The Long and Incredible Story of the Boy From Cochrane
25th February 2000: The End of the World



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