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Online Articles and Features

There are lots of family adventure stories, articles and features already published on the world wide web. We've put together this page of links to help you find some of the best. Most are links to magazines, newspapers, family blogs and other family travel and adventure related websites with great writing about Family Adventure. Follow the links and start exploring.

We welcome suggestions for other stories to list here. Please report any broken links.

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If you have suggestion for a feature you think we should link to, please get in touch and let us know. It can be something you have written or something you have read that has inspired you to do something adventurous with your family.  
Dad's Army: Canoes and Campfires Life, death and lessons in human kindness

The mere mention of GoreTex is enough to turn Simon Mills into a ludicrous outdoorsman, insisting on family adventures. In this UK Guardian piece he takes to the water with two children to try out one of the UKs finest introductory canoe camping trips, a journey down the River Wye. It's an adventure made complete by capsizing, campfires and camping. In fact it seems the capsizing was the making of it, and sleeping in the Tipi of course. A great introductory adventure weekend.

In January 2006, Rhidian Brook set off with his wife and two children (aged nine and six) on a nine-month journey involving 11 countries and three continents including AIDs-torn Africa. In this UK Guardian Family feature Rhidian shares something of his reservations about taking his family on such a journey, how the experience affected them, how kids helped shape the experience, what he and they learnt from it and how the whole experience inspired his new film Africa United.

Is homeschooling a wise move? A traveller's tale: and the boys came too

How best to maintain the kids education is an important consideration for families considering extended travel. Homeschooling is often a part of the solution. There's much debate about the benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling, and the educational potential of travel. In "Is homeschooling a wise move?" read a little of the case for and against homeschooling. "Down wiv school" looks more explicitly how homeschooling can benefit the family and "There's no education like homeschooling" asks who knows what's best - parents or state. All have useful links to further resources to help you figure out what's best for your family.

For Sara Wheeler the open road is home. As a travel writer she criss-crossed the world, exploring its wonders. As a parent she had to figure out how she could continue to adventure with children. In this UK Guardian feature Sara tells of her journey from adventuring alone to adventuring as a family, something that “seemed at the outset like a stiff challenge.” But it's a challenge that over time she overcame and one that she hopes has enabled her children to “absorb some of the rewards of travel: the power of the fleeting moment; the glimpse of another world.
The icing on the kayak Canoeing in Europe
If you're looking to get started with outdoor adventures an organised family activity holiday is not a bad place to start. Get a chance to try different things, learn a few skills and see what you all like or don't. In this UK Guardian piece, Ed Douglas recounts a week spent in Spain's Sierra Aitana, getting active together, climbing, sea kayaking and canyoning, and having time and space to relax too. Canoeing and canoe camping can be a great family activity, as long as you can find an environment matched to your skill and experience. Whatever your level of canoeing skill, you'll probably find some ideas here for a suitable European family canoeing trip amongst these Readers Tips from the UK Guardian. With ideas across Europe including in France, Sweden, Slovakia, Scotland and Turkey.
My son's 21st century barmtizvah Family Interrail Adventure
When his son Theo turned 12, Steve Andresier was disappointed that he didn't want to prepare for the traditional Jewish barmitzvah. But instead they decided to mark the start of his teens by spending the next year completing 13 tasks together. An inspiring piece about how family members doing new things together can build bonds, mark transitions and make everyday life something of an adventure. Sleeping at stations, overnight trains, brief encounters with strangers. Perhaps you did all this interrailing as a teenager so can you do it as a family? In this UK Telegraph published piece, Kristina Ferris and her family go green and board the train south to Lake Constancea on a family interrail adventure. If you fancy the idea, you'll get a sense of the possibilities and a few useful tips and links here.
Go wild in the country Six family adventure holidays
If you fancy a real taste of the great outdoors - away from the mini suburbia of campsites - try wild camping, says Dixe Wills in this UK Guardian piece. The views are much better and it won't cost you a penny: You genuinely feel part of the countryside, not once removed from it. The packaged family adventure market is growing fast. More and more operators are taking the family travel market seriously and offering adventurous tours and itineraries with families in mind. In this piece from the Times Jane Owen looks at six one-off adventure holidays with a distinctly family friendly angle. Some great ideas and inspiration here.
No set route, no return date Holidaying on the cheap
The Weller family decided they wanted more out of life before it was too late and the kids all left home, so they sold everything, moved into a 1973 double-decker bus and set off on a journey across Europe. In this UK Guardian feature, Chris Broughton meets the Wellers and talks with them about their new lifestyle. You can read about the family's adventures and how it all ended on their blog,

It doesn't have to cost the earth to adventure as a family, even for extended periods of time. If you know how, you can take a long break with your kids and end up spending less than you would at home. In this feature from the UK Guardian, Kate Shipp explains how she managed to spend five months taking her family around Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France and Italy for £3,000. And Sally Hamilton offers some more money saving tips on family holidays here.
Finding manenomes The longest ride of your life
One of the challenges of family adventure is choosing activities and itineraries that will meet the needs of the whole family. In this feature Paula Holmes Eber, a long time family adventurer, reflects on what she's learnt about adventuring with her children by bike as they've grown up and offers a few tips on how to select a route your kids will love. Well family adventures don't get much bigger than cycling around the world. And if you want some advice about how to do it then you'd better ask someone who's done it. Here, Paul Eber Holmes shares hard won wisdom from her family's three years planning and fifteen months riding around the world. Given the right preparation, anything is possible.
Have Kids - Will Adventure Adventure in the desert - children will love it
2007 UK Sunday Times piece by Miles Barker on taking his kids (age 6 and 8) on an adventure holiday in Vietnam. Miles tells of some of the drama, pleasures and tension of travelling in unfamiliar cultures with younger children, especially when you're on your own. 2005 UK Independent piece by Adrian Mourby about taking took his family to Morroco to introduce them to another culture. "They didn't like everything they saw but they didn't like everything at Disney either. At least here they were broadening their horizons rather than just shaking hands with Goofy."
Where do we go from here? The Times A family affair - why spouses stay behind
UK Times piece by Rachel Tims, written nine months into a family gap year, about how spending time with the family is not as easy as it sounds, especially when used to the stimulus of work and career, on the challenge of 24/7 parenting with no school or school holidays, and some of the many dilemmas raised about the biggest question of all, what will you do when it's all over? Also online, The rats can race without us, Journey of our lives, Goodbye City, So Long Identity Born Free in Africa If you're struggling to persuade a family member to sign up to your family adventure dream, then this piece by Paula Holmes-Eber may help. Having biked 10000 miles around the world with her husband and teenage daughters she knows a thing or two about the intricacies of getting everyone on board. This is a piece not just about why spouses stay behind - but more importantly, how to change their minds.
Kalahari with kids: The Sunday Times Family Adventures in Laos & Vietnam
UK Sunday Times piece by William Gray about taking his five year old twins to stay with the bushmen of the Kalahari. Read just how different things can be on a family holiday. UK Sunday Times piece by Mary Ann Sieghart on travelling with teenage daughters to cook, sail, shop and elephant trek in Indo-China.
Yipee no school for a year: The Guardian Family Adventures: The Sunday Times
UK Guardian piece on Andrew Nelson and his wife who took their three sons out of school for a round the world trip of a lifetime. Get an idea of how much it costs with budget figures and some practical tips on making it easier to travel RTW with kids. UK Sunday Times piece on Family Adventures: 'Just because you're a family doesn't mean you have to settle for the beach. Simon Spilsbury takes Kiah, 7, and Imogen, 5, off to the wilds of Thailand, while Jeremy Lazell chooses ten more adventures to thrill you and yours.'
Our Big Adventure: The Times
One Hull of a School: Education Telegraph

UK The Times piece by Mary Ann Sieghart about what prompted her and her husband to leave the rat race for four months, and about the chaos that ensues when you try to put your 'normal' life on hold to follow a dream for a while. With a few interesting insight into some of the practicalities that need taking care of when planning a family adventure.

UK Education Telegraph feature by Richard Tracey in which he describes what it's like to teach your own kids while travelling. Find our what a broad syllabus travel can provide and get a little insight into the options, mechanics, joys and trials of homeschooling on the road or, in this case, when all at sea.
Songs of the South
Package deal or do it yourself?

UK Guardian feature about campervanning with a toddler in New Zealand. Jimmy Leach gives a taste of what it's like to tour the wide open spaces of New Zealand in a confined space with a little one.

UK Guardian feature in which family travel columnist Dea Birkett weighs up the pro's and con's of packaged deals and independent adventures. Six families explain their preferred itinerary, hopes, fears and budgets, giving a few ideas for packaged and independent adventure destinations.
Story Book Setting for a Family Adventure
South Africa; A Big Country for Little People
UK Guardian feature about Jeannette Hyde's experience of taking her four-year-old daughter to Geilo, Norway for her first ski trip. A family friendly resort with lots of extras to keep little ones entertained, like husky rides, sleigh rides, ski-dooing, ice-skating, wolf farms, wild elk and reindeer spotting and even a chance to visit Santa. UK Sunday Times piece by William Gray about a two week self drive family adventure around South Africa's Cape, 'a civilised first timer's adventure.' Details about itineraries and attractions around the Cape. This kind of experience is a good way to build the confidence you may need to plan your own more intrepid adventures.
Perfect kombi nation
How to find freedom with a campervan

UK Guardian feature by Jane White. When Jane told friends she was taking her three-year-old on a tour of New Zealand in an old camper van they said she was mad. Well, was she? A good insight into the trials and tribulations of campervanning with little ones and the joys of New Zealand.

UK The Times feature by William Gray about his experience campervanning with toddler twins in New Zealand. For him 'there’s no better way to explore than by camper van — and there’s no better place to do it than in New Zealand.' If campervanning interests you, read this and the feature perfect kombi nation also on this page before you commit!
Far flung but for the kids Reserved for your online feature?
UK Times feature by Janice Turner about travelling a little further afield with young kids. More adventurous destinations are possible with kids and bring their own rewards as well as challenges. Find out how Janice Turner’s turned her two small boys into travellers in Sri Lanka If you've got a feature piece online about your family adventures and you'd like to see it featured here, then get in touch, let us have the details, and let us take a look. We're always on the lookout for high quality features that give other adventurous families ideas, advice or inspiration to get out adventuring together.
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