In Search of Families In Search of Adventure
A Family on a Bike Tour: New Zealand, Samoa, USA and Canada 2004/2005

In 2004/5 Family on a Bike completed their 'In Search of Families In Search of Adventure' tour. A 10 month family adventure in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, the USA and Canada. Two adults, two toddlers, two bikes, two trailers, and too many miles. Meeting other adventurous families and writing real-life stories of family adventure. This is where you can sample our stories, musings and pictures about our family life on the road.

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Two adults, two toddlers, two bikes, two trailers, too many miles and a pregnancy. Trip total: 34228 miles
Railroad Riding: 3658 miles: USA/Canada Road Trip : 5570 miles. New Zealand Cycle Tour: 2500 miles. Flights: 22500 miles.

Our postings from home in dear Old Blighty

19th September: Pretty in Pink (also in October Newsletter)
15th August: Home sweet home (also in September Newsletter)

Our postings from the road in USA and Canada

Our postings from the road in Samoa

5th June: Flying turtles
3rd June: Cleaning up at the beach
1st June: Fish Food
26th May: The waiting game
25th May Samoan pop idol
22nd May: Bible Bashing
20th May A question of survival
16th May: Eaten by a tiger
14th May: Another day in paradise?
13th May: Finding Farter Crispmas (Eco-touring part 2)
12th May: Guardian of the Swamp (Eco-touring part 1)
11th May: A day in paradise
10th May: The morning after
9th May: Culture shock

Our postings from the road in New Zealand - North Island

8th May: Campervan crazies
4th May: From A-Z in New Zealand
1st May: What shall we do with the drunken sailor? (Sailing part 5)
29th April: We are sailing (Sailing part 4)
27th April: Tied up in knots (Sailing part 3)
26th April: The silent treatment (Sailing part 2)
24th April: You've got to be joking (Sailing part 1)
23rd April: The end of the road
21st April: Sun, sea and sandy nostrils
12th April: The (alternative) Treaty of Waitangi

11th April: Hell hole of the Pacific
7th April: Canoes, culture and chips please
4th April: Time to spare?
1st April: April Newsletter: Is the pleasure worth the pain?
29th March: Time travellers on suicide highway
23rd March: A surprise party
20th March: Hare raising moments
18th March: Do you like Chinese gooseberries?
16th March: He who smelt it dealt it
14th March: Once upon a time...
9th March: Thumbs up
6th March: Climbing the walls
3rd March: Naturally disastrous
2nd March: Doctor's orders
28th February: It's a miracle
27th February: Time to retreat
18th February: Lost for words
16th Feburary: The Big Question
14th February: The Big Sausage: A family challenge
7th February: Another Lamby to the slaughter

Our postings from the road in New Zealand - South Island

5th February: The ear of a stranger
3rd February: Breaking Point
31st January: Boiling point
28th January: Paradise lost
25th January: It's a small country, isn't it?
21st January: There's a place that I dreamed of...
18th January: Running on Empty
15th January: Into the Void
13th January: Somewhere over the rainbow
10th January: Hot pools, rock pools, thermal healing
8th January: You got a friend in me
6th January: The Wedding Party
4th January: Are you shoes-on or shoes-off?
3rd January: Lost again
January Newsletter
30th December: Feeling sheepish
28th December: Breaking the rules
27th December: A splinter in the family
24th December: No room at the inn?
21st December: The Happy Half and The Unhappy Half
20th December: The Invisble Chief
19th December: Band of Brothers
17th December: A boring day at the office
16th December: Christmas is coming, isn't it Dad?
13th December: The Hardest of Times
12th December: Regression Therapy
11th December: My favourite moment - by Cameron
10th December: My favourite moments - by Matthew and Puppy
9th December: Are memories made of this?
1st December: Miserable in Milford
December newsletter
30th November: Playtime

24th November: Blown off Course
15th November: Finally on a Bike

14th November 2004: All Boxed In

Our postings before we hit the road

9th November 2004: Under Starter's Orders
7th November 2004: A Toddler's View
22nd October 2004: All Geared Up




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