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The Jack Adams - Richard Elloway Trophy

This big shiny trophy is the Jack Adams - Richard Elloway Trophy, awarded annually by the Lands End - John O Groats Association to the youngest person to complete the classic UK end to end journey under their own steam. And that little face reflected in the trophy is Family on a Bike's young Cameron.

Cameron is the proud winner of the Jack Adams - Richard Elloway Trophy for 2007, recognising his extraordinary achievement in cheerfully stoking on one of our tandems, his feet clipped into the pedals every day for forty nine days during July and August 2007, during which he pedalled in the sun, wind and rain and rain and rain, for 1250 miles after leaving Lands End until we reached John O Groats. Not bad for someone who had just turned five.

The trophy is specifically for the youngest person to complete the journey, but this year, not wishing to cause a family bust-up, and in acknowledgement of the fact that six year old Matthew did an equally good job pedalling on the back of the other tandem, the LEJOG association awarded him a small trophy too.

Matthew took it all very well considering that if it hadn't been for his younger brother he'd have got the main prize. "Cheers Cameron"

And then there was the tricky question of Hannah, who was with us every pedal of the way too, being pulled happily along by one or other of her brothers in her trailer. It was indeed an epic trailer ride for a one year old recognised by the LEJOG association with the special award of a bear which she thought was so much more cuddly and useful than a trophy anyway.

Award winners one and all. If you want to know more about our journey, take a look at our LEJOG blog, written on the road as we travelled the length of Britain. And if you're thinking of taking on the LEJOG challenge, why not take the kids? You'll have a blast. Honestly.







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